Monday, October 3, 2011

Rachel Bilson Goes Red

The gorgeous Rachel Bilson donned bright red crops at an event in Beverly Hills this past August. I really love this outfit! The floral shirt and wavy hair give off a flirty, girly vibe, fiercely contrasted by the bright bottoms and leopard print heels. Definitely a risky ensemble, but RB pulls it off beautifully.

Me-- not so much. Here's my stab at this outfit. The crops I wore were slightly lighter in tone (and apparently don't look so great in photos), so I picked a lighter floral top to match that color story. I don't own leopard pumps, but these Missoni for Target heels have the same black & beige effect as the animal print. I also held a black clutch to match Rachel's finished look.

Tried to match the way RB was standing.. hand in pocket, etc. Dorky, I know. 

Thoughts on this? I was kind of disappointed in how the outfit looked in the photos. I thought in real life, the colors worked better and made more sense.

Make it your own:
Pants: J. Crew
Top: Nordstrom
Shoes: Missoni for Target
Belt: J. Crew Factory

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