Friday, October 14, 2011

Do or Don't: White After Labor Day??

In my opinion, white pants can most definitely be worn past Labor Day, if done appropriately. You guys know I love J's Everyday Fashion, so of course I perused her blog and found a great example of how to rock white in the winter months. 

J explains on her blog: "Why this works: There is definitely an art to wearing white denim in the winter. But paired with tall leather boots and a navy wool jacket, white jeans are just as appropriate in January as any other month!"

I totally agree with her! I actually have a blue striped sweater and navy jacket I could have worn to recreate this exact look. Maybe I'll do that for a future post...

But instead... I really wanted to wear this scarf (and my new cardi), so I changed it up a little bit. What do you think-- would you wear white in winter?

Make it your own:
Cardigan: Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet, about $20 (I had additional coupons!)
Pants: Gap (also from an outlet store; got these for $7 last year-- FAB deal)
Boots: Civico 10 from DSW
Tank: Old Navy
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Warby Parker Huxley's in Whiskey Tortoise, $95

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  1. White pants can definitely be done after Labor Day. Just swap light, summery materials (like linen) for heavier, warmer ones (like corduroy!)