Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mixed Patterns: Scarves & Stripes

I love the idea of incorporating scarves all year round. You can wear lighter fabric scarves in the spring and summer, and transition into thicker fabrics in the fall and winter seasons.

Recently in Baltimore, the weather's been sort of back and forth in terms of temperature. Some days it's freezing and rain;, other days it's in the 80s and humid as hell. This type of changing weather (while an annoyance on my sinuses) is perfect  for a scarf because it serves as a great layering piece! In the morning when it's colder, the scarf adds warmth all wrapped up around your neck. As it heats up throughout the day, unravel the scarf and allow it to lay flat down the length of your body. Now it serves as a fun, colorful accessory. Double duty :)

Here is the outfit that inspired this post:

And here is my version:

Make it your own:
Scarf: Target (Similar) $12.99
Skirt: H&M (Similar) $24.95
Top: J. Crew (Similar) $39.99
Shoes: Tahari from Marshalls (around $29)

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