Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black & Blue & Lace All Over

When I think of sophisticated sex pot, I don't immediately think of Kirsten Dunst. However, she's totally working this outfit on the blue carpet. She looks sassy, sexy, and extremely well put together. GET. IT. GIRL.

I've done a post on navy & black before on GJU. People are always afraid to wear the two together because they don't want to look like a bruise-- valid.

However, if done right, the color combo is super chic. Exhibit A:

I don't have a blue and black patterned skirt, but I think my black textured pencil skirt does the trick. Here's my modification:

Kept my hair up so you could see the full detail of the lace panel on the back :)

Here's a close-up of the back of my shirt. I love this top!

So do you like this? I really love the lace cut-outs on the sleeves and on the back panel. I think it adds some sex appeal, but doesn't take away any class or sophistication from the outfit.

Also- not sure if you can tell- but the platform pumps I'm wearing have these flowery puffs on the top of the toe. I thought these were the perfect pair to wear to match Kirsten's funky footwear!

Make it your own:
Top: Express $29.99
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Madden Girl from Loehman's, about $25
Bracelets: Combination of blue and silver bangles


  1. O M G
    Your looking amazing in that outfit. Loving the lacy back. absolutely eye catching. Great job on the patterned skirt.

    My favorite part has to be the low cut of the shirt neck. Gives the top a relaxed look.

    Maybe go with a bra with invisible straps so you don't break up the flow of the back lace? They are not very comfortable though, what do you think?

    Def. loving it.

  2. Anonymous-- thanks for the comment! Re: Bra-- I was looking to wear maybe a strapless or one with clear straps (dont own one yet but I'm working on it).. but I was kinda running late and could only find this black one haha. Next time though, I'll definitely try that. May look a bit more streamlined. Thank youuuu :)