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Hey guys!

First-- thanks for checking out my blog, Get Jessed Up! I hope that you find my posts useful :) Find my headshot and brief bio at the bottom of the page.

This is me:

Wanna know more? Check it out:

-I love fashion. It's why I started this blog. I used to work in retail when I was still in high school, and all throughout college. I spent my teen years at American Eagle Outfitters (doesn't every teen work here at least one year in their lifetime?), then spent college/summers working at J. Crew. That's where this (un/healthy) obsession began. Well.. it probably started before that, but working at J.Crew and surrounding myself with fabulously chic clothing and jewelry all the time certainly didn't help ween me off of my addiction.

-I like food, in particular: Peanut butter, chocolate, mashed potatoes, turkey burgers, and tuna salad. Oh and olives. and pickles. and martinis (dirty). It's a miracle I'm not 300 lbs.

-My favorite color combo is green and purple.

-I like parentheses. (A lot.)

-I have a puppy named Bruiser who stole my heart. This dog legit owns me. Owns.

He's so badass, it's unreal.
-My favorite items of clothing are my pencil skirts, jeans, and scarves. I have a collection of each of these, especially scarves. I'm not even embarrassed to tell you that my scarves are color-coded, and sorted by fabric in my room. If you ever need to borrow, I'm your girl.

-I love answering questions, giving tips (whether they're actually helpful or not is still in question), and talking my face off about fashion, food, and friends. I'd love it if you joined the conversation and left comments/asked questions in regard to my blog posts. Seriously.

Still wanna know more? Shoot me an email sometime at GetJessedUp[at]gmail[dot]com :)

Brief Bio:
Jessica Platt loves fashion. That's why she started Get Jessed Up, an award-winning fashion and lifestyle blog. Jessica shares with her readers tips and tidbits on how to reorganize and re-purpose their current wardrobes to make fresh, new outfits for each season. Think you have nothing to wear? Let Jessica prove you wrong. Her unique "closet consultations" are designed to show people the hidden gems they already own, proving that all fashionistas (even those on tight budgets) can be fashion forward and on trend without purchasing an entire new wardrobe. Jessica also offers Wardrobe Edits, Personal Shopping and Styling Services, as well as Special Events Styling. To learn more about Jessica and how to Get Jessed Up, visit her blog at



  1. Ideas for organizing scarves?

    1. Bridget-- Great question! I've had to come up with creative ways to display/organize my scarves over the years because I've collected so many of them. I'm going to do a post on this either this week or next-- thanks for such a great suggestion!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nan! Appreciate your support!

  3. Jess, my sister from Baltimore mentioned your blog and I have to admit it made me laugh especially the recent post on your dating adventure. I am from the east coast but call Texas home for the time being. I too feel your pain with the set up thing, usually I am like oh my god you must really hate me or have no idea who I am. Anyway I just wanted to say hi.


    1. Patrick,

      Thanks for dropping in! Glad to know I'm not alone in the whole set up thing.. and that most of the the time, people get it VERY wrong. What are you doing out in Texas? I've never been there, or anywhere in the south besides Virginia, actually, but I've heard it's all beautiful.

      Would love to chat more. People still need to laugh out in Texas. Shoot me a note, if you want, at

      Happy monday,

  4. Jess... I would love to chat. Not sure if my email went thru my iPhone was acting up. Let me know. Hope you had a great day. Patrick

    1. no email has come through.. try again? my iphone's been a PIA recently too

  5. Ok I tried re-sending so hopefully it worked this time. My picture will not attach though. Technology is great when it works. My mom says I am handsome ;) patrick

    1. Patrick.. you might be horrible at sending emails, or keep typing in the address incorrectly, but I'm still interested in getting to know you know ;)

      How about you leave a comment with your email address and I'll try reaching out to you first. Once that's settled... I'll delete the comment so you're email is out there for all to see. Is this OK?

      Take three

  6. This is great!!! I can see that I will be hooked!! :) LOVE polka dots too and I need those jeggings you posted. Can't find you on FB but hopefully we will chat/see each other soon!!!