Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a winter's tale

Sometimes, the whole drying my hair, and then straightening it, and then putting shit in it to keep it from frizzing routine is too time consuming/ I don't feel like it. Especially, if I'm working with day-two hair and wearing it down isn't an option because it may or may not look a little greasy, it's good to have some back up hair ideas on stand by.

Enter: the pony tail.

Effortless. Easy, yet you still give off the impression that you tried a little bit more than simply throwing on your favorite baseball hat and calling it a day. 

And the beauty of the pony tail is that it can be styled in so many ways, and look like a completely different hairstyle each way. It doesn't have to be the same-old, slicked-back, the-higher-the-pony-the-closer-to-heaven pony tail. 

Here are some of my favorite styles. Some I already do really well attempt, but I plan on trying the other styles as well!  Are there any pony tail tricks you've got up your sleeve? Do share!

The Bow
This pony tail look is super feminine and sweet. Add a little flair to
a simple pulled back pony and wa-la! It's an easy way to dress up a casual hair-do.

Inside Out Ponytail
This was a staple hairstyle for me growing up, and I have to say,
I think it's making a come back. This is as easy as it is pretty, and I love
how casual chic it is.

The Messy Mid-Head Pony
What I love about this look is that even though it's slightly unkempt,
it can be worn for both informal and formal occasions. Basically,
this is a looser version on the classic pony tail. Let your hair
be a bit bumpy and wispies be free!

My go-to pony tail style is this one. It's so easy to do, and what's ideal is that
it's meant to be a little messy! This style doesn't have to be perfect which is
exactly why it's a good option for a quick hair fix!

The Braided Head Ponytail
Incorporating braids into your ponytail is right on trend. It looks more like
a cool up-do than a regular pony tail. I also love how this model wrapped
a braid around the pony tail holder.

The Twisted Section Pony
This take on the pony tail adds an element of surprise that is both elegant
and feminine. I love how simply twisting and fragmenting off the pony tail 
creates a totally different look.

The Low Fishtail Pony
This look is one of my favorites! Fishtail braids have such a cool
look to them. Paired with a low pony tail, this style is perfect for casual,
daytime looks, or a night out with the girls.

Here's my version of the low fishtail pony. I pulled back my
side bangs with a couple bobby pins, then fishtail braided
the rest of my hair.

So, what do you think? Would you try any of these styles?

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