Get Jessed Up Disclosure Policy

Giveaways and Contests
All giveaways and contests are reserved for companies deemed compatible with my blog's aesthetic. Any information collected (name, email) is used solely to contact the winner. This information will not be sold or given to partners.

Integrated Outfit Pieces
I accept integrated pieces or gifted fashion, accessory and beauty items. These items are marked "c/o" or courtesy of in the blog post text and in the "Make it Your Own" section at the bottom of each post. As always, I only accept and feature products and apparel that are in line with Get Jessed Up's aesthetic.

All content is original copyright Get Jessed Up 2011. All photos, unless noted, are the sole property of Get Jessed Up. Should you choose to feature a photo or content from Get Jessed Up, please email me at GetJessedUp@gmail.com and credit/link back all content taken to Get Jessed Up.