Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midweek Makeover: A Photo Story

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to take part in a Celebrity Smashbox Make Up session at About Faces Day Spa. It was a day of total pampering! I got a certificate for a manicure, I had my make up done, I got my hair done, and I got to choose some Smashbox products to take home (yay!) -- for no other reason than to celebrate the weekend and feel good about myself. And let me tell you, when all was said and done, I felt beautiful. It was so different than what I do on a daily basis (which is apply the same make up, and put my hair up in a clip right after the shower-- as it's still wet). I look the same everyday, so this was fun change up.

Here are some of the pics from start to finish. All of the pics (if you want to see the whole experience) are on my Facebook page!

**Also, a BIG thank you to Sean Scheidt, the professional photographer who was at the event. He was nice enough to send me some of photos so I could share them on GJU!**

PS-- Click on the pics (especially the smaller ones) because they get a ton bigger- easier to view :)

The Smashbox artist, Jocelyn, took off the make up I showed up wearing.

Put my hair up, zero make up on at this time. Let's get started!

Taking a look at the "before" face.

Jocelyn does her magic.. my skin looked so smooth!

I need to learn how to do a smoky eye properly. I usually just look like I got socked in the face- not cute.

I loved the "after" face!

All done-- Smile!

The photographer, Sean, caught this portrait.

Showing my love for About Faces and Smashbox with Jocelyn, and Helga, the Spa manager!

I was also treated to an impromptu blow out and quick curl!

My stylist was Brazilian, he was the shit, and he was very funny.
He told me the reason I don't have boyfriends is because I don't dry my hair and
wear it down often enough. Mmmk. Perhaps I'll try out that tactic. I'll report back with results.

The final look! Apparently I was standing directly under a super bright light...
and it's making my hair look greasy at the top! In person, it was lovely.

I had the best time at About Faces! I want to thank Downtown Diane for hooking me up with this Smashbox experience and day at the Spa. I'm so glad I am able to share some of these photos with you guys on GJU!

Let me know what you think about the make up!

<3 Jess


  1. I love the look. I'm also terrible with the smokey eye. It looks so nice on everyone else, then I attempt it myself and ...WHAM!...the raccoon comes out. I'm either not blending enough or using entirely way too much product.

  2. Jocelyn is my daughter and has been doing my make-up since she was "2."

  3. Rachelle-- let me know if you master it! Take a pic and send it over if you do :)

    Anonymous/Jocelyn's mom-- She was so sweet, and so much fun to spend time with at the make up session! It doesn't surprise me that she's been in the business for a while.. she was great! Thanks for checking out the post <3

  4. Oh wow! It looks likes you had so much fun! I'm jealllooouuss :)

    I love the makeup and the hair! You look fab!