Monday, August 15, 2011

SJP - Seeing Red

I've been seeing a lot of photos of celebrities wearing red pants, skirts and shorts this summer. Most often, the red is paired with a white or black top to keep it simple. But since it's summer... I wanted to recreate a more colorful version of this trend.

Who better to look to than SJP herself!

It's a known fact in the fashion world that Sarah Jessica Parker has a FABULOUS sense of style. The woman can wear anything, and ROCK it!

For my outfit, I was most inspired by miss Sarah Jessica Parker's take on the red denim trend. She chose the color-blocking route, and paired her pants with a bright purple top. Adding the bright boho bag completed her look in an easy way, and made the entire outfit look casual-chic!

Courtesy of The Chic Factory
You guys know how I read/ stalk J's Everyday Fashion blog. Turns out, J recreated this look as well.. so my goal was to modify J's look with what I owned. Here's how J wore this outfit:

And now... here's my take on the outfit. I got these pants from Urban Outfitters-- they're not denim, but more of a cotton/spandex blend. This purple shirt from American Apparel is one of my all-time favorite tops! It's loose, comfortable, ad super soft (and I love the color!). To get the effect of the multi-color bag, I wore my colorful belt from Target, and added on my brown boho bag to complete the look.

Make it your own:
Shirt: American Apparel $32
Pants: Urban Outfitters $49
Belt: Target, $12.99
Bag: Target (similar) $26.99

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