Friday, August 5, 2011

Color Blocking

Color blocking was a fashion trend that began picking up this summer, but I think it will gain even more momentum this upcoming Fall 2011 season. I've seen it all over the runways and red carpets. What's so intriguing about color blocking is that you can pair together colors you wouldn't necessarily think would match.

To go along with that thought, today's outfit is modeled off of a Gucci ensemble that Camilla Belle wore on the red carpet back in February. The colorful pieces are all from Gucci's Spring/Summer 2011 line.

via Shop the Trend
I would have never matched bright orange with teal and purple. It's just not something I'd wear... until now.  I modified this outfit a little bit, because I don't own green pants or an orange blazer. Instead, I wore an orange pair of capris, and a teal cardigan. My tank is the same purple as the Gucci one.

(Note: In person.. the colors of my tank and cardigan are almost exact to the one's Camilla is wearing. For some reason, my pictures don't portray that... the lighting was off or something. My tank looks blue and my sweater doesn't look as green as it actually is. Somewhat frustrated about that... but you get the idea!)

Also.. I'm OBSESSED with the earrings I'm wearing. They're from one of my favorite Etsy boutiques called EveryOccasionDesigns. I put them on today to match the earrings that Camilla is wearing, but I wear this pair of earrings all the time. The gold disk looks so nice against my hair when I wear it down, and sometimes I like to show them off with my hair pulled up. They're simple but they add so much character to an outfit!

Here's a close up:

Make it your own:
Tank: Target $17.99
Bandeau: South Moon Under $16
Cardigan: Loft (similar) $44.50
Pants: Talbots (several season ago.) J.Crew (Similar) $79.50
Shoes: Guess $44.95
Earrings: EverydayOccasionDesigns


  1. Although I dislike C.Belle after stealing Joe Jonas away from T.Swift (catch the song "Better Than Revenge" - epic), I consider this worthy revamping.

  2. I think a person has to be very confident to be able to pull off such a bold outfit choice but you pulled it off so well! I love it! Those earrings are very pretty.

  3. Deporian, thanks so much! I think color blocking is an awesome fashion statement, so I'm planning on trying out more color combos soon. Also, keep an eye out for more jewelry from the same designer who made those earrings-- I'm going to be wearing more pieces throughout next week!