Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Color Combo: Maize and Leaf

I wish I owned everything from Anthropologie. I love its aesthetic-- the clothes are natural, feminine, whimsical. I once heard that the reason many women like Anthropologie is because the whole atmosphere of the store-- it's scent, the furniture, etc. - "seduces us softly." This is so true. You walk in and immediately feel welcome. For me, the clothing does the same. When I walk into the store, I am drawn to the embroidered tops, and gorgeously detailed dresses, and fabulous layered necklaces.

For today's outfit, I modified a look from the Anthropologie online look-book. It's a green striped shirt, paired with a dark pant. I loved how the photograph was taken in front of a burnt orange wall! I thought that it really brought out the colors in the outfit.

What I'm wearing: This look was put together by pairing a textured black pencil skirt with a green & white striped tee. I added a statement ring to match the inspiration photo, and also incorporated my own unique style with a bold necklace. I happened to find a burnt orange wall to take my picture in front of, so I was super excited about that!

Let me know what you guys think! Would you wear this?

Make it your own:
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Loft  (Similar) $39.50
Necklace: J.Crew (Mine is several seasons old, but this one is close!) $88
Heels: Guess $44.95