Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I wore this weekend!

Hey everyone! I thought I'd try something new this weekend.

I've had people ask me what I wear on the weekends, in more casual settings (since so far, the majority of my blog posts have been business-casual, work-appropriate outfits). Below are a couple pictures from this weekend to give you an idea of how I keep it stylish on Saturdays and Sundays!

The dress in this first picture is one of my all-time favorite summer dresses. I actually have it in two other colors as well - a tan/brown dress with purple & white spots, and a solid black dress. Aside from being adorable, this dress is great for two reasons:

1) The sweetheart top gives it a feminine flair.
2) The layered tiers are flattering on any figure.

J.Crew factory store has had this type of dress in stock for the past couple summers (I got my dress a year and a half ago). This summer, they carry the dress with a lovel daisy pattern.

J.Crew factory Daisy Day Dress, $59.99

Side note: I included this pic because I thought I was having a good hair day!
Here's a close-up of the shirt from the picture above. It's a loose lime-green leopard tank with a bright
purple bandeau underneath.

Just an FYI (because it's not shown in the photos): I had on dark blue Always Skinny jeans from Gap and black t-strap flat sandals. The leopard print tank is from H&M, but you can really achieve this look with any loose top.

I love incorporating bright bandeaus into my outfits. They're useful because they cover your bra, but they also add spice to any outfit!

The purple one I'm wearing is the Recover Seamless Bandeau in Amethyst. It was only $16 from South Moon Under. I also have it in black, nude, and royal blue. I get so much wear out of these bandeaus because they're super comfortable, and make my outfits a little more fun!

Here are some bandeaus that I love:

Hope you all had a relaxing (and fashionable) weekend :)

<3 Jess

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