Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let's Get Jessed Up!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new blog, Get Jessed Up!

On this blog, I'll be showing you how to recreate outfits you see in magazines, from other fashion bloggers, and on celebrities, and make them YOUR own by adding in touches of your unique style and flair. It's my philosophy that any woman, no matter her size, can rock a hot outfit. I'm certainly not a size 2, in fact I'm no where near that. But I'm out to prove that it's not about your clothing size; it's about HOW you dress your body.

I WILL prove that anyone can pull an outfit from the run way, and wear it the REAL way.

I believe that if you feel good about what you're wearing and how you look, it makes you feel sexy inside. When I get dressed in the morning and feel like my outfit is "off," it affects the rest of my day. (again.. this could just be me.. but I'm willing to bet other women feel the same.)

As I post my outfits & things I uncover along the way, I welcome any questions or comments. I really want to make this blog about YOU. I want it to be a conversation. You can learn from me, and I know I can learn from you. Let me know if you spot any hidden gems in local boutiques. Post pictures of outfits you've made your own-- I'd love to see!

I'ts my hope that, if nothing else, this blog inspires you to be creative and dress your best. Everyone should feel like a rock star in their clothes, and I hope I can help make that happen.

Stay tuned for my first look!

Thanks for stopping by :)


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