Monday, July 25, 2011

Black, White & an Accent

I love to wear black and white. It's a color combo that will never go out of style, super easy to pull together, and looks great every time. As I was culling through my outfit inspiration photos, I noticed a lot of the looks I pulled together were black and white, with one or two accent colors that pop. A great example of this is the picture of  Vanessa Minillo on the far right. She held a red clutch that was the perfect accent color for her outfit. (Again, you don't have to wear a dress to achieve this look. Pairing a white top with a black skirt, or pair of shorts will work also!)

This compilation is from 2threads.

For today's outfit, I recreated this black and white look with turquoise as my accent color (similar to the photo below).

My dress is from a boutique in Montreal that I picked up back when I was a senior in high school (so unfortunately, I can't tell you where to get it!). The bottom half of the dress has a beautiful turquoise detail in the pattern. I love the lace on the very bottom that ties together the lace sweetheart top! In the photos above, black strappy sandals or heels are paired with the dresses. So, for my outfit, I wore black wedges in a similar style.


When I wear tops or dress with open neck lines, I like to keep my hair off my shoulders to draw more attention to the neckline of the dress. Hair pulled up off the neck also elongates your body, and shows off your shoulders! For this hairstyle, I parted my hair in the middle and brushed it back into a smooth, low bun. It's very easy to do, and takes no time at all!

Make it your own:
Dress: Boutique
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft (Similar)


  1. I dont have any reason to read this I am a guy and have no interest in fashion..but keep it up! Jolly good blog!

  2. Thanks, Sean.. I mean.. some guy.