Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wear to Work: Watercolor Me Happy

Photo from Fashion Bomb Daily
Green and purple is my favorite color combo, but when you add blue into the mix, it gets even better! I love this dress on Tatyana Ali. She looks absolutely stunning! The patterns on the dress and the bright colors combined give off a rich feel to the entire outfit. The nude heels draw all attention on the gorgeous dress, while also making her legs appear longer and leaner.

For my interpretation of this outfit, I wore a green, purple and blue watercolor dress I found at Target. The colors on this dress are beautiful in person, so I hope that comes across in my pictures. The purple in my dress is a little lighter than in the inspiration photo, and my the greens and blues are in a slightly different color palette. (Again, you don't have to mimic perfectly. If you can pull inspiration from an outfit and make it your own, you've succeeded!) To match Miss Tatyana, I paired my dress with my Guess nude heels. These nude heels were such a great purchase! They weren't too expensive (because I got them for a great deal at DSW), and I've definitely gotten more than my money's worth out of them. I wear them at least once a week to work, if not more often.

To match Tatyana Ali's jewelry selections, I wore a bold statement ring, as well as stacked a few silver bracelets on my left wrist. On the other hand, I wore a simple, navy and sterling silver ring. (And just for fun, I painted my nails in a bright purple to match the purple tones in my dress!)

Make it your own:
Dress: Target Merona $19.98
Heels: Guess $44.95
Polish: OPI "A Grape Fit" $4.25


  1. Love this! Your pick is SO Kate Middleton-esque ;)

  2. Thanks, Christa! You're right-- the dress does have a Kate Middleton aura about it! I LOVE HER!