Monday, November 7, 2011

Style Icon: Michelle Obama

Listen ladies.... Mrs. O can dress herself. Part of the reason I know this to be true is that she's a firm supporter of J. Crew. That should tell you right there about her level of credibility. So.. if you ever need style inspiration, be it for work, leisure, or a formal event, look to this Miss for a good outfit idea!

Today's inspiration outfit is (one of) Michelle Obama's head-to-toe J. Crew looks. She paired a pale pink cardigan with flower sequin detail over a light green pencil skirt. The double-strand pearls and pop of white from the camisole make this look effortlessly chic.

Sweater details; double-strand pearls.
My version is is generally the same, but my skirt is a thicker wool material/a bit darker in color given the current season. I wore a light pink cardigan with similar flower sequin detail, allowed my tank to show, and added a pearl necklace to finish the look. The pearls with cardigan, by the way, so sorority. 

[[One thing that I think looks better on M.O. than myself is the partially-buttoned sweater. I think it makes my hips look wider than I'd like them to. Perhaps I should have buttoned maybe one more button at the bottom...? It's definitely a put together, finished look, just might not be best suited for my body type.]]

Michelle (we're on a first name basis) looks easy breezy chic. Hopefully I pulled off that same look! What do you think?

Make it your own:
Skirt: J. Crew Factory $69.50
Cardigan: Target $24.99
Pearls: (Similar) Banana Republic $44.99

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