Friday, November 4, 2011

Feature Friday: Family Inspired by Fall

Happy Friday everyone!

Today's featured fashionista is Claudia P. from New York. She was inspired by my earth tones blog post, so she recreated an earth tone ensemble for GJU. Well actually... her whole family recreated the look!

Here are Claudia's outfit pics and descriptions:

We all wear earth tone colors when we desire to look warm, inviting and sophisticated. It not only compliments our skin/fur tones but our personalities. Ready to embrace fall.

(P.S. Claudia's a teacher, and I giggled when I noticed the colorful bulletin board background hehe)

Claudia's scarf and military jacket are super cute. Also love those boots! 
Seriously.. Claudia's mom Sally is giving some serious sass in this photo. Work it girl.

Quinn the Cat. People pay mad money to rock colors like these. Super fly!
Make it your own:
Jacket - J. Crew about $100
Shirt and jeans - Gap $50 and $69.99
Boots - Steve Madden $140 depending on the store
Bag - Longchamp
Scarf - H & M

Claudia's Mom:
Cardigan, scarf and pants - Gap

Au naturel.

Love this! Love that that whole family got involved in this GJU Feature Friday!

Want to be fashionably featured on a future Friday?! Send in pics of you all Jessed up :)

Have a good weekend!

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