Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Must-Haves: Hair Accessories!

Good morning, everyone! Thanks for checking in with GJU to start off your week!

Today's post is all about your hair. Well.. no. It's about jazzing up your hair with statement pieces (jessing it up, if you will)!

Here are some of my favorite pieces for this holiday season!

Warning-- You don't want to get over zealous in your attempt to Jess it up. Keep it simple. Either go sparkly, floral, double band, feathered.. keep it to one of the looks above (not all 4 at once) and you'll always be safe. Here are some ways NOT to rock embellished hear wear:

Those flowers are far too large. Reminder: you don't want to resemble an overgrown garden.

On that same token, you don't want to look like you slaughtered a peacock. You see why. 

Do you have any favorite hair accessories? I'd love to hear about them! Send in a pic if you'd like to be featured on GJU :)


  1. Hair accessories are so fun!

    I LOVE these hair combs:

  2. where are the cute hair accessories up top from?

  3. Laura-- I'll go back and grab the link when I get home. The girl in the pics is actually another Blogger.. she sells accessories n' things on her site!