Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall Fashion: An Ode to Naomi Campbell

An ode to Naomi Campbell...

This woman is a lot of things.

* She's certifiably crazy: She threw a cell phone at her assistant. And her housekeeper.
* She's a pioneer: First black woman on the cover of French Vogue, when she was just 18.
* She's a wanna be rockstar: After dating a U2 band member, she becomes addicted to cocaine.

But most importantly, this woman owns her fashion sense. She rocks anything she wears, and I can't ever fault her for taking risks and dressing outside of the box.

For that reason, today's outfit inspiration comes from one of Naomi's more casual looks. A simple black dress with a patterned jacket is an easy breezy look to recreate! 

Tip: This kind of outfit can be mixed-and-matched in as many ways as you like! A simple black dress can be paired with anything: a bright scarf, a fun blazer like this one, a statement necklace, a colorful belt... you get the idea!

Make it your own:
Dress: H&M, last fall, about $30
Heels: Guess from DSW, $44.95
Blazer: J. Crew Factory Store (several seasons ago)

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  1. A girl can do a lot with a good black dress! I love putting a thick belt and a pair of black high-heeled boots with mine.