Monday, November 21, 2011

Famous People Wear Orange Scarves

Exhibits A-F:

See what I'm saying? Famous people wear orange scarves.Thus, it only makes sense that GJU has an orange scarf post... 

Quick commentary: I am not at all suggesting that Heidi Montag is a qualified actress, or a worthy celebrity. I am simply noting that she's famous (albeit for dumb reasons) and wears orange scarves. I'm making a point. 

Here's how I wore the scarf to work! I looped mine once around the neck like Reese Witherspoon did in the above photo.

Beige trench a la Taylor Swift.
Do I look famous now? No? That's fine. A for effort.

Make it your own:
Trench: Jolt, T.J. Maxx, $39.99
Skirt: Ann Taylor Outlet (several years ago), Similar
Scarf: Pashmina Scarf, about $15
Top: T. J. Maxx $9.99
Earrings: c/o EveryOccasion Designs
Stone bracelet: Chico's (Similar)


  1. Jess - Orange is a peculiar color and not everyone knows what colors to wear with this fall/winter color. Other than black, any suggestions for coordination colors. There has to be dos and don'ts. Thanks

  2. Ah, great question. I'll definitely do a post on scarves in the very near future. Good timing since it's getting a bit colder out :)

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