Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Trend: Emerald Shirt-dress!

As I'm sure you know, jewel tones are right on trend this winter! Jewel tones include rich hues associated with gemstones-- bright yellows, deep blues, emerald greens, etc.

Since the majority of us (as far as I know) aren't strutting down the red carpet anytime soon, I am doubting you will need suggestions on where to find jewel-toned gowns. So instead, I'll show you great examples of emerald green shirt-dresses. I chose to roll with the emerald today because I think deep, rich greens compliment most skin tones and hair colors. These frocks are perfect for casual days, and are easily dressed up by adding a blazer and pumps.

Photo credit: People Magazine
Left: Busy Phillips added a belt and boots to her dress, bringing it down to a more casual, country level.
Middle: Charlize Theron kept it simple with gladiator sandals and minimal jewelry.
Right: Kat Dennings went a fancier route with statement earrings and black pumps. WERK it.

So now the question becomes: Where can you find one of these gems to add to your wardrobe?

Are you a baller?

Etoile Isabel Marant, $450
Tibi Ruffle Dress, $298
Haute Hippie One Sleeve Dress, $251

More like ballin' on a budget?

Ali Ro, $64
By Basi, $42 
Lucy Love Chatsworth Dress, $58


  1. I really like the choice of the emerald green and I love the pieces you picked out, very afforded.

  2. Deporian-- thanks! I really like them also. I don't currently own anything in Emerald Green, so now I'm excited to find something to add to my wardrobe!