Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charlize Theron: My Definition of Couture

If you're into Awards Season as much as I am, then you've been having your cake and eating it too when it comes to the Red Carpet looks in 2012.

Someone's gotta eat the cake. These women certainly aren't. I'm on it.

So far, we've been alongside the red carpet at the People's Choice, the Critic's Choice, and the Golden Globe Awards. Actresses, singers, and other somehow-famous women use these opportunities to dress their best for the whole world to see. All sorts of genres grace the red carpet. My favorite is couture.

One star stands out in my mind: Charlize Theron.

Here are her two recent looks from the Critic's Choice Awards and the Golden Globes.

Hair: In both looks, Charlize went the side parted, side swept low bun. This hairstyle is effortless and beautiful. The second look incorporating a headband adds a fun, glamorous final touch of elegance.

Dress: Both of these gowns are structural in different ways. The black dress for the Critic's Choice Awards has a very structured, defined feel to it. The cut of the fabric around her neck and shoulders is modern and fashion-forward. The same "choppy" texture continues down the body of the gown in short layers leading to a small train. Although the gown has a defined shape, it still leaves an impression of easy elegance.

The second dress (Dior Couture) has an simpler, softer structure. The deep neck line and high leg slit draw attention the middle of the gown which is absolutely stunning, in my opinion. First, the cinched waist drawn together at the bedazzled broach is gorgeous. The draped bow falling from her hip, laying over the leg slit is simply perfection. She looks like a fairytale princess. Sounds celestial, but it rings true to me. Ethereal, gorgeous, effortless, fairytale.

Accessories: In both cases, Charlize matched her clutch to her dress. She chose very little accessories. This lack of clutter, if you will, allows all attention to be on the dress and Charlize. Often times we like to over-accessorize-- I'm guilty of this! However, in cases such as this, less is more.

To me, Charlize is the definition of couture. She chooses gowns that flatter her figure (which isn't hard when you look like a supermodel) and hairstyles that allow her face to show and the dresses to shine. 

Who is your favorite star when it comes to the red carpet looks? Do you like Charlize's fashion forward choices?


  1. She had me at that tangerine Vera Wang she wore to the Oscars years ago. She's gorgeous!

  2. bmwalsh- You are SO right. She's had so many memorable red carpet moments. SWOON!