Thursday, January 12, 2012

People's Choice Awards 2012: Hits & Misses!

Happy Thursday, GJU readers! This means that tomorrow is Friday (whoop whoop!!) :)

I love award show season! This time of year is a dream for fashion lovers and critics. You've got the Golden Globes coming up in a few weeks which promises to be a stunning red carpet. Last night, the People's Choice Awards provided a healthy mix of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I thought I'd show you a few of my favorites, and least favorites.

Here we go. Let's start with the misses so we can end this blog post on a positive note.

The Misses

Ashley Greene
First and foremost, I can see the outline of her underwear. I can actually see almost everything under her dress. The leather is too tight so it crosses the line from form fitting to skeleton showing. The ruffles at the bottom, combined with the awkward lace faux-turtle neck with a 3/4 length sleeve makes me uncomfortable.

Jennifer Lawrence
Cut outs are definitely on trend this year, but Jennifer Lawrence took it too far. She looks like she's lost in the Atlantic Ocean. To top it off with cut outs on her heels? I can't. Someone needed to stop her.

Vanessa Hudgens
It's unfortunate to see Vanessa on my Miss List. She's really into the hippie-chic outfits these days. However, this hippie-Elvira-goth ensemble isn't doing it for her. The train is beautiful. The idea of the dress is beautiful. But that awful sheer mesh halter kills it.

Nina Dobrev
Green is my favorite color. I love being adventurous in my outfits and going for the bold, bright choices. But.. the lace on her arms? Nina Dobrev looks like she has moss growing on her upper limbs. Also those shoes-- awkwardly strappy. And on top of that? It's January. Who wears strappy sandals in January?

Kristen Bell
I love my girl Kristen Bell. But I don've love this borderline dominatrix red number. Too much is going on here: We've got a cropped sleeve mesh fabric covering up a lace sweetheart top. Then we go into a leather bell skirt. It's just not attractive to me. Call me crazy. Maybe if her hair was up in messy bun it would make it a little less unbearable, but still this is an unfortunate red carpet look.

Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale is known for her role in Pretty Little Liars. I'm sorry, Lucy, but someone lied to you when they said you could leave the house in this disheveled mess of a dress. Asymmetrical hemlines are on trend, but this is way too extreme. Also the heels are beyond platform. She's standing on stilts at this point.

Jennifer Morrison
Stars were having a field day with mesh over lace last night, apparently. Love the statement hair and the nude heels, but not loving the frock. It looks like my great grandmother's table cloth from 50 years ago. This is not how to wear fringe. Definitely not.

Lea Michele
Along the same lines of the tablecloth frock above, Lea Michele's dress is fringe gone crazy. Way too much draping is going on here. It's just weird looking. And the silver shoes don't help.

Now moving onto the good ones! Many celebs came out rockin' their looks. Here are some of the ones who I consider the Best Dressed.

The Hits

Emma Stone
Quite frankly, Emma Stone can do no wrong in my book. Godbless a redhead who wears green. Such a beautiful, complementary color combination. I'm super into this version of glamorous menswear. The blazer in bright green paired with fitted trousers and a peep-toe heel is perfectly nonchalant. It's like she didn't even try-- just threw it all on and showed up at the red carpet. Also loving the asymmetrical tux-like tails on her white shirt. That's fashion, ladies and gentlemen.

Demi Lovato
The reason why I love this is because it's figure-flattering. As we all know, Demi has been battling eating disorders. She's finally back at a healthy weight, and I think it's great she's showing off her assets in this dress. The cinched waist is gorgeous on her figure. The plunging lace-lined neckline is stunning (I've always wanted a dress with that neckline) and different length hems make for a pretty silhouette.

Chloe Moretz
Finally, a star under 25 who actually dresses her age! This black and green belted number is absolutely adorable. Paired with those nude and black pumps, this outfit is a definite win. Also loving that she pulled up her hair to show off her beautiful face and neckline. Work that skinny arm, girl!

Stana Katic
This Little Black Dress is major. It hugs all her curves and has a beautiful off the shoulder, deep neckline. The simple jewelry doesn't distract, allowing all attention to go to the dress, the gorgeous hair, and miss Stana Katic herself. This may be my favorite look of the night!

Faith Hill
I love this simple dress on Faith Hill. It's such an easy breezy silhouette- cinched waist, halter neck, tea-length hem. It's beautiful. That's all I really need to say. She looks beautiful.

Miley Cyrus
Miley's all grown up! She's certainly come a long way from her days on the Disney channel. This is an instance where the mesh atop the cut out is working. This dress is classy yet simple. Also the fact that she paired the bright white frock with deep red satin pumps is fantastic. Her side-swept hair is perfectly understated. Well done, miss Cyrus.

Side note: I discovered a bit of a Gladiator meets Spartacus trend last night at the People's Choice Awards. These two looks stood out.

Cobie Smulders
Elisha Cuthbert
I don't dislike these looks, I just can't get past their reminiscent gladiator qualities. The corset structure of the blue dress above is gorgeous, and the length on the second gown is also pretty. However, the chunky gold choker and the top of the second gown remind me of Halloween costume pieces that come in a bag from Party City. 

Photo credits: Thank you StarPulse, The Insider, and The Huffington Post

So.. what were some of your favorite looks from last night's People's Choice Awards? Did you have any least favorites?


  1. I really despised the Nina Dobrev dress. It would be so much better without the lace. And with the Jennifer Morrison dress...chop off the tassles from the bottom. She looks like she's wearing my grandmother's curtains.

    I didn't get to see the awards show, so I don't know any of the outfits outside of the ones you picked, but I totally agree with your choices.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this one. I loved Cobie's look! That color looks fab on her.