Monday, September 12, 2011

Glamorous in Gold- Fashion's Night Out!

So, it's only appropriate for my Fashion's Night Out post to be fashionably late...

These photos are exactly the look I wanted to recreate for Baltimore's First Annual Fashion's Night Out. I was on the marketing committee for the first year bringing this awesome event to Maryland, so I wanted to award myself with a sparkly, fun dress for all the effort and time I'd put into making this event happen. I think these actresses look gorgeous on the red carpet-- these dresses shine & bring out their inner radiance!

Photo courtesy of MTV

I didn't take too many full length pictures of myself that night (because I was battling a cold/sinus issues and didn't think I was looking too great).. but I think this one shows the dress well. I really love how the light reflected off the gold sequins! The combination of the draped, soft cowlneck and the satin ribbon to cinch the waist gave this dress the ultimate feminine silhouette. I'm already looking forward to wearing this dress again.. I'm thinking probably for New Years!

What are your thoughts on the dress? Would you wear this to an event?

Make it your own:
Dress: Cache (got this on sale for $79 from $158!)
Heels: Guess $44.95

Hope you guys had a great weekend :)
<3 Jess


  1. You looked AMAZING. That dress is gorgeous and definitely a great find. You'll definitely wear it a lot in the future. Nice job ;)

  2. That dress is gorgeous and you look fantastic in it! Even better that it was on sale. (And this post reminds me that I really need some nude heels.)

  3. Thanks so much Christa and Jen!