Monday, February 13, 2012

Make Up Tutorial: Sassy Kitten!

I'm so excited for today's post! It's written by my friend Caitlin who is my go-to make up and nail aficionado. She knows what she's talking about, so I thought she should share some of her skill on GJU. Here's your make-up tutorial post. Tomorrow, we'll delve into sassy kitten nails!



Sassy Kitten Makeup Tutorial

As a Get Jessed Up fanatic and a huge supporter of this blog, I was ecstatic when Jess asked me to put together some sort of hair and/or makeup tutorial for all of you. I feel the same way about makeup as Jess does about clothing – your makeup style is just as much an expression of who you are as the outfit you wear out the door in the morning.

Most days, I plan my outfit around the way I want my makeup to look, whether it’s deep purple, bright cobalt, or a sassy, smoky cat eye… which is what I’ll be teaching you today. I welcome any opportunity to inject a little “crazy cat lady” into everything that I do, so we’ll also take this one step further and show you a simple three-step cheetah print nail tutorial. Overkill? Well, at least I didn’t wear my cat shirt for the (awkward) pictures.

Let’s get started – face first. My recommended “best face forward” products:

1.     Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar - $3.99 (CVS)
2.     Olay Complete Moisturizer - $8.99 (CVS)
3.     Olay Total Effects 7 Blemish Control Cleanser - $7.99 (CVS)
4.     Crest Complete Extra Whitening - $3.99 (CVS)
5.     Crest 3D White Strips - $55.99/20-pack (CVS)

Friends are always asking me what products I use for my face and it’s pretty simple: I use the cleansing bar in the shower, I moisturize every day, and – when I remember – I use a blemish control cleanser to wash my face before bed. If the last two products surprise you, please know that a bright white smile is the best thing you can do for face. 

Now, for my "best face forward" makeup products:

Almost all the products shown above are also from CVS and are available for less than $10. Take my advice and join their beauty club - $5 for every $50 you spend on beauty products. Aside from CVS, I am a loyal bareMinerals gal:

1.     bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation - $26 (Sephora)
2.     bareMinerals Liner Shadow in Hallucinate - $13 (Sephora)
3.     Prime Time Eyelid Primer – Brightening in Gold - $18 (Sephora)

Start by applying your foundation and makeup as you normally would. I use a loose powder foundation and apply using a kabuki brush: 

Apply an eye shadow primer to your whole lid:

Using a contour brush, begin applying black shadow at the outer corner of your lid, working the brush into your crease and toward the middle of your eyelid. Tip: black eye shadow and a smoky eye can sometimes make you look tired. Blend in a little navy shadow near the lash line to brighten the look and avoid looking sleepy: 

Line your lower lid with a black pencil:

Using black liquid eyeliner and using your lash line as a guide, line your upper lid out near the end of your shadow. Draw another line from the corner of your eye up to the end of the top line. 

Fill in the outlined area:

Add some more brightening primer to the inside corner of your eye and blend, add mascara and some clear gloss and you’re done: 

Tip: pair with a bold, red lip for extra sassiness and throwback class. When I wear a bold lip, I’ll typically tone down the shadow and opt for a more simple look… unless, of course, it’s Halloween! 

Before and after:


So, what do you think? Would you try out this look?

Check back tomorrow to see a Sassy Kitten Nail Tutorial to match this bombshell makeup lesson from Caitlin!


  1. I loved having you do this, Caitlin! Looking forward to tomorrow's post on nail art!

  2. Awesome post! Loved it. Maybe next for make-up could be best colors for redheads, blondes, brunettes for different seasons...?