Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday weekend!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

My weekend was full of awesome food, great friends, and a good time out in Baltimore to celebrate my birthday. I wish I'd taken my actual camera and gotten higher quality pics, or even just taken more diverse photos on my iPhone because I really liked my dress and wanted to show it to you guys on GJU!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I had originally planned on wearing a dress from Rent The Runway for my birthday night out. Unfortunately, it came and didn't work out due to a stain. Even though I was disappointed not to be able to wear the dress, the RTR customer service was stellar. I'm being fully refunded and was also given a credit to use for a future rent/purchase. Looking very forward to trying it again sometime soon!

So, since my RTR dress didn't work out, I went to Francesca's - a boutique I absolutely love - and picked up another option! The dress I chose was a pink, light satin-y material. It cinched at the waist and was just above the knee in length. My favorite part of the dress: the shoulder ruffles at the arm cutouts! I thought they were fun :)

I wore black tights and black heels, and finished off the look with a gold watch and a long, gold locket necklace.

Here are some pics from the night:

My girls! I had a such a blast with these ladies!
Me with one of my best friends and sorority sister, Leland!
Group shot.
Toward the end of the night, I put my hair back in a ponytail. I also, apparently, look a lot more tired haha.

The arm cutout on the dress went a little low on me, so I wore a neon green bra
to spice it up. If its gonna show, might as well be a pretty color.
And on that same note.. for your birthday, neon undergarments are a must! 
Last pic of the night taken with one of my best friends from high school, Britt.

Once people ( who brought real cameras) stat posting pictures to Facebook, I'll upload more to this post.

Hope you had a great weekend!

<3 GJU

Make it your own:
Dress: Francesca's, $44 (Similar)
Necklace: J. Crew $55 (Similar)
Heels: Guess at DSW $44.95


  1. This weekend was super fun, and you looked amazing as usual! <3

  2. Thanks, Leland. You looked fabulous as well! Loved your dress :)

  3. Love how you made the pink dress work with the fun neon bra! Carrie Bradshaw-approved :) You look fab - hope you had a great bday!