Tuesday, December 20, 2011

GJU Goes to Puerto Rico!

Arrrrrrribaaa! (Thought it was fitting)

Welcome back to GJU.. So sorry there's been a delay in posts. I was away in Puerto Rico for vacation, and for the sake of actually relaxing and taking advantage of the vacation, I didn't bring my computer. Now that I'm back in Baltimore, I'm ready to share some of the pics from my stay.

Here's a sampling of some of the photos we took. Let me know what you think! Also-- if you've ever been to Puerto Rico, you know the pics of the weather/beach don't even do it half justice. The island is GORGEOUS.

Anyway-- the photo summary:

Before going to Old San Juan for dinner.
Day one on the beach, I took a ton of scenic shots. Tried to pic a few to show on GJU!

Our footprints!

Seriously, the clouds here were perfect. Fluffy perfection.

Early morning on the beach. Never wanted to leave.

Sailor suit. Chips Ahoy!
 We went to the El Yunque National Park to go hiking, climb towers, and visit two beautiful waterfalls.

Right outside the visitor's center.
At Las Cocas Waterfall on El Yunque.

Obligatory Instagram Head Shot, yours truly.
Back to the beach!

Sun tan day! Obviously we found the beach side bar :)

Be gentle with the comments. I'm no model, nor do I even exercise a little bit haha.
But-- I went to the Caribbean.. and bathing suits are appropriate gear for the beach. 
This next group of photos is all from the same night. We went to the El San Juan hotel (absolutely stunning-- it's a Waldorf Astoria property). Even in our somewhat dressy outfits, we were far under dressed in comparison to a lot of the women at this one bar. They were donning floor length gowns-- I was in heaven. Loved the dresses.

Having some cocktails at the El San Juan before dinner at the next hotel.

We had dinner at BLT at the Ritz Carlton in Puerto Rico. Delicious.

This one painting outside of BLT was massive and beautiful. We needed to take a photo by it!
We went to the spa one morning full some serous pampering. I had to share the robe and slippers.

Compliments of Zen Spa in Contado, Puerto Rico.
A little blurry, but at dinner at Il Mulino at the Ritz. Best. Service. Ever.
I had the best time in Puerto Rico! This vacation is exactly what I've needed for a long time now. Way overdue. It's been a rough few weeks, and nothing is more relaxing than doing absolutely nothing while staring at waves.

Many thanks to @ChrisMinMD for allowing myself and my friend @Sushgirl to take over his beachside condo. I apologize if your home still smells like hair product, perfume, and sunscreen.

Excited for upcoming outfit posts. Keep on checking back :)

<3 JP


  1. Okay Jess, I gotta tell ya. First of all, the clothes and styles you present are definitively some of the best. Second, what YOU wear always looks tasteful. Finally, my favorite picture of you in PR is the "Obligatory Instagram Head Shot" that shows that WOMAN WITH A GIGGLE INSIDE side of you.

  2. Dear Anonymous-- loved your comment! Thanks for the compliments! And I'm glad you appreciated the Obligatory Instagram shot.. i also felt it was necessary :)

  3. Jess, you and @SushGirl both looked fabulous in the photos and everywhere you went. Puerto Rico loves GJU, and I loved having you there.

  4. I love your first outfit! Is it a tank and skirt, or a dress?

  5. B-- It's a tank and a skirt! The skirt is from Ann Taylor :)