Monday, December 5, 2011

Consignment is the New Black: Part Deux!

Here is round two of fabulous holiday and winter looks you can find at one of my favorite, fabulous high-end boutiques, Wear It's At!

Look #4
This sweater dress was so cozy! On top of it, to add a little color and cinch the waist, I threw on a purple belt. I really love the contrast in colors! Also... the sewn in pearls along the collar are tres chic.

And here it is again without the belt. Which do you prefer?

Also this studded clutch-- ugh. NEED.

Make it your own:
Dress: Rebecca Taylor, $148
Clutch: Whiting & Davis, $98
Purple Belt: $28.95

Look #5
O.M.G. Seriously. If this doesn't make you drool I dont even know what to say to you. This outfit drips elegance in a funky, fashion forward, female empowerment way. It's reminiscent of a tux but remains flirty and feminine.

Out of all the outfits I put together, this was definitely the most "splurge" outfit! I would kill to wear this out somewhere. If only I had a place to wear it... which I don't. Might have to create a reason...

Or-- Will someone please go buy these pieces and let me borrow?

Make it your own:
Shirt: St. John's, $198
Skirt: Dolce & Gabbana, $248.95
Heels: Ramirez, $78.95

Now that you've seen a ton of great outfit ideas, it's important to have outerwear as well. Gotta keep our clothes safe from the elements!

Outerwear #1

This thick, wool trench was so comfortable! It was soft, yet heavy enough to keep you warm. To jazz it up, I chose a Yurman necklace-- probably the most expensive necklace I could find in the store (obviously). Had to live it up while I was there.

Make it your own:
Jacket: Calvin Klein, $78.95
Necklace: David Yurman, $995

Outerwear #2
Burberry is so classic, and always exudes elegance in an understated way. This jacket has such a fun twist on the everyday Burberry coat. The metallic gold color, and fun beaded buttons totally spice up the look.

This is the shirt I was wearing under the Burberry jacket! Love me
some holiday sparkle :)
Also-- this handbag should be purchased by now. Why is it still available? So cute. Someone go get it. Similar to the splurge outfit.... can I borrow once it's yours?

Make it your own:
Jacket: Burberry, $248
Bag: Leather Rock, $78.95
Top: Adam Lippes, $98

If I haven't convinced you to check out Wear It's At, or your local consignment store if you're not from Maryland, than I have failed. If anything, I hope you leave this blog post re-thinking how you can Jess Up your holiday outfits. Mix and match vintage pieces from consignment stores. Wear that one-of-a-kind dress versus the mall-bought frock. You won't believe the compliments you'll receive. Trust.

Let me know what you find. Send in pics!

Happy Holidays :)

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