Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Challenge: Share the Wealth

Hi guys,

Yesterday I really thought about what the holidays mean. I had a conversation with a friend about how I feel so good about myself after I've given a gift. Better than I do after I've received one.

Today's post isn't an outfit recreation, or a featured fashionista. It's not about my holiday wish list, or the new Winter line at J.Crew. Today's post is about giving.

I challenge you to clean out your closets and give to those in need. It's getting cold outside, really cold, and we sometimes take for granted the 18 scarves we have in a box we never open in our closet. We take for granted the sweatshirt we have in 4 different colors. We have enough. Too much. And as winter creeps in, what better way spread holiday cheer than to give warmth to families in need.

I've listed a couple suggestions of retailers and charities in Baltimore and beyond. Feel free to add to this list by suggestions other programs or organizations in my comments section below. Inspire your family and friends-- challenge them to give this holiday season.

Suited to Succeed

Yay for local organizations! Suited to Succeed is a Baltimore organization that works with women transitioning from unemployment and job training programs into the workforce. They provide free business clothing and career-related programs/workshops that will help women achieve their goal of self-sufficiency.

Learn more about Suited to Succeed.

The Salvation Army/ Goodwill

Different organizations- same idea. With drop off locations almost everywhere and with such a wide reach, these are great options to help families across the U.S. You can bring new or gently used items to any locations/thrift stores. Just by doing so, you're providing clothing at a drastically reduced price. Not everyone can afford the new Gap cardigan you covet. But last year's cardigan, that you've worn maybe 6 times, and that is collecting dust in your drawer-- give it away. That's gold to someone else. 

Learn more about Salvation Army and Goodwill.

Ruth's Closet

Ruth's Closet, or any other program funded by domestic violence organizations, is another great way to go. Developed by the House Of Ruth Maryland, Ruth's Closet offers high quality, gently worn merchandise such as Chanel, Tod’s, Paul Smith for Women, Nanette Lepore and Milly at affordable prices. (Um... did you read that correctly? Fab brands!) Staffed primarily by dedicated volunteers, 100% of the profits will fund programs to help victims of domestic violence and their children rebuild their lives safely and free of fear.

Learn more about Ruth's Closet.


  1. great post, Jess! and thanks for the recommendations for where to donate. I am tackling your challenge this weekend with some serious closet cleaning :)

  2. Each month I go through my closet and dresser and get rid of things that I haven't worn lately. A girlfriend of mine is a single mom and NEVER shops for herself. So all of my donations go to her :).

  3. Jess, great post! This is an awesome way to free up closet space while helping others, and the gift you get from giving is a warm heart and the knowledge that you've made a difference; that lasts forever!

    I can add one more great organization that receives our "excess" clothes and other household items. The Military Order of the Purple Heart helps our combat wounded veterans and they will come to your house and pick up. Visit them at

  4. Jess- that's awesome! So glad you're helping out and cleaning out your closet!

    Miss Meg - So sweet of you to help out a friend. Keep it up, and encourages others to do the same :)

    Chris- Great suggestion. Veterans deserve all that and more.