Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recent Wardrobe Additions :)

Although I don't even have enough room in my closet as it is, I've recently added two great pieces to my wardrobe. I'm excited to integrate them into future spring and summer outfits!

1) Elisabeta Blouse, Anthropologie, $89.95
I seriously cannot wait to put this on. Seriously. Given it's sheer lace material, I feel like it's more appropriate for an evening outfit. I hope I have a reason to go out and get Jessed up soon! (I'm sure I can find a reason if I have to...)

2) Cotton Tiered Lace Skirt, Loft, $79.50
I'm probably most excited for this skirt because it's so versatile, and not to mention, gorgeous! It can be dressed down with a chambray shirt, or dressed up with a silky blouse. Either way, the layered lace in a soft neutral makes for a perfect summer staple.

Have you picked up anything fabulous lately? Please share. I always welcome suggestions :)

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