Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Things I Desperately Want But Don't Need

Story of my life. Anyway, these are all the random things I've stumbled upon in my shopping and internet browsing adventures. Thought I'd share in the event that you might want the same things, or in case you were looking for a random gift for someone. You're welcome.

Because everyone needs a burger bean bag chair. Urban Outfitters, $98

Sometimes, I need a mullet on the go. This would come in handy during those times.
Urban Outfitters, $10

I have a very big sweet tooth. Urban Outfitters,  $25

Stone drink dispensers are awesome, which is why I want one. Uncommon Goods, $125

Because it's cool. I have no where to put it in my apartment but I'd find a place.
Uncommon Goods, $3,700

Mustachifiers. Genius. I don't have kids but I definitely need these in advance. I call it
being prepared and thinking ahead. Uncommon Goods, $10

This shower gel dispenser is hysterical. It's evident I haven't grown up yet.
Perpetual Kid, $18.99

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