Monday, May 21, 2012

Polka Dots & Ponies: Preakness

A few weeks ago I shared some photos with you all that were taken at Hunt Cup, a steeplechase (i.e. horse race) here in Baltimore. This past weekend, I went to another horse race - Preakness! (For those of you unfamiliar with horse races, think of Preakness like the Kentucky Derby, but much less -- um -- southern?)

Personally, I like to think of these kinds of events as classy tailgating get-togethers. People wear preppy attire, munch on fun snacks, and sit around in circles gossiping. This year's Preakness was no different.

Typically I don something pastel for Preakness because a) it fits the theme and b) it's usually hot out so lighter colors deflect the sun/heat. Last year I wore this Lilly Pulitzer dress. It has alligators and lily pads on it.. so it's perfect, of course.

Preakness 2011 with my friends Katy and Emma.

This year, I wanted to go more Julia Roberts a la Pretty Woman, minus the street-walker detail. If you recall, one scene in the movie depicts her and my future husband, Richard Gere, at the races. She's wearing this:

I found this great navy and white polka-dot dress at Target and ran with it. I really liked it's high-low seam! I also liked that the dress was cinched in the waist, reminiscent of Julia Roberts' belted look.

As for the hat, I didn't have time to find a ribbon that matched my dress, so I wore the same one as last year. (I actually hot glued that pink ribbon on the hat myself. Watch out, Martha Stewart!)

It appears I'm missing a vital accessory-- Richard Gere wasn't available to be my date.

Halfway through the afternoon I tucked the straps into the top of the dress to avoid
tan lines. This dress is now strapless-- so versatile!

The group of ladies at Preakness!

Make it your own:
(Just realized that this outfit is completely from Target!)
Dress: Target $24.99
Sandals: Target (Similar) $15
Hat: Target $14.99 (I removed the straw ribbon, and glued the pink one in its place!)

Hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend. Have a fabulous week.



  1. This was my first year and I had so much fun! I should have consulted with you on outfits :)

    1. Glad you had a good time! What did you wear? I'm sure you looked fabulous.

  2. I went with a fascinator and 50s style dress for Friday. And, on Sunday a wrap dress with the same fascinator. I was trying to match my hat more than the style of the day :)