Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What to Wear: Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is coming up and many of you will be attending outdoor BBQs with friends and family, so I thought for today's post I'd put together some outfit inspiration :)

This year, I'm really into striped sundresses and wedges. These two sundress options from Gap are perfect for an outdoor cook out, and these wedges are both fashionable and practical/comfortable.


Left: Contrast Stripe Dress, $64.95
Right: Striped Shift Dress, $59.95

Steve Madden Mayra Wedge Sandal, $69.95
(I just picked these up last weekend. Can't wait to break 'em in!)

Coconuts Sophee Wedge Sandal, $39.94

Memorial Day signifies the start of pool season! Throw a swimsuit on under your sundress and you're ready to go.

H&M swimsuit, $29.95
One-pieces are making a come back! This number with the twist top and halter detail
is gorgeous and right on trend. 

When spending a day in the sunshine, it's important to remember to protect your eyes. Some stylish shades:

Fossil Hadley Small Oval, $60

Lastly, bring a large tote to your BBQ to hold all of your belongings when you hop into the pool!

Left: Old Navy Boho Crossbody Tote, $22.94
Right: Old Navy Basketweave Hobo Purse, $24.94

I hope this post inspired you to think ahead to the weekend! I'm sure you'll look fabulous.

Happy Memorial Day weekend :)

<3 GJU


  1. I like the basket weave purse and striped dress. Super cute.

  2. Pretty sure I just spent half a pay check ordering 4 bathing suits from VS (though in my defense, they were having a spend $150 and get $30 off sale). And I'm obsessed with striped sundresses/ dresses in general! I picked one up from Old Navy, or what I thought was one, but now I'm not too sure. It may actually be a shirt but because I'm so short it works as a dress. Hope that's not a faux pas;)

    1. I totally know the feeling of dropping major cash at Victoria's Secret and not even realizing it until it's over-- but that sounds like an awesome sale!

  3. I love those striped sundresses! The nautical look is perfect for labor day weekend!

    I just followed you on GFC. Can't wait to explore your site further!


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese

    1. Hi Donyel-- just checked out your blog also-- love it!

  4. Love the Sophee wedge and both purses but not keen on the striped sundresses at all. Those stripes would add at least 10 lbs. or more to my frame. And I am 5'9". Many of us stay away from stripes. Even the fashion police suggest staying away from them unless you are uber slim.

    1. I definitely agree that horizontal stripes aren't for everyone, but I also think it depends on the kind of dress and the width of the stripes. For me, I like to to try everything on and see because each piece fits me differently. Happy memorial day weekend to you :)

  5. You've got an good eye for beautiful things, on trend and wearable, the kind of pieces girls feel good in and men will love

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I like how you phrased that-- things women feel good in, and men love as well. That's exactly how I feel when I pick out clothes. I want to feel confident and beautiful in what I'm wearing and it's always a nice bonus when guys find it attractive too hehe :)