Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Abby Talks Accessories: Sunglasses

If you're a regular GJU reader, you know that my friend Abby knows her accessories. She's a connoisseur of all things fabulous, and I'm so lucky that she will be sharing her expertise with us every month!

If her missed her last post on wrist candy- no worries. You can find it right here.


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As summer quickly approaches, spending time in the sunshine is top of mind. One of the most important accessories that accompanies the season of outdoor loving are your shades. I am a huge fan of protecting my eyes in a stylish manner, so I own several pairs of sunglasses. Per my latest blog, Harper’s Bazaar noted that “Funnie Sunnies” were a 2012 accessory trend, and while I don’t tend to venture too far out, I do have some fab glasses to choose from.

First and foremost, it’s no secret how much I love Michael Kors. I bought this pair of aviators on my first visit to Los Angeles and have rocked them on most days since. (Sorry for the bad iPhone photo… I didn’t have a lot of options)

As much as I love my Michael Kors aviators, you can’t pass up on the originals. My titanium Ray Ban aviators are easily my most comfortable pair of sunnies.

While I prefer the real thing, during a recent trip to Mexico, my girlfriends and I purchased these fake Ray Bans for $10, and I love my Kentucky blue’s.

Like any accessory, you always have to have your back ups. Thanks to Target, I have a couple of other options to choose from that are affordable and adorable.

Fake Colored Ray Bans: $10 Beach Vendor in Mexico

Target Options: $12 at your local Target

How do you keep your eyes safe and stylish during the summer? Let me know @AbbyDraper.

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  1. Sunglasses are definitely one of my weaknesses. I have (gulp) five pairs right now. Some of my favorites I have scored at Loehmann's or Saks Outlet for a fraction of regular price.