Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Hello, everyone-- Hope you had a fabulous long weekend!

My weekend was great: the pool opened, the weather was perfect, we had an extra day off from work, and I got to spend more time with Bruiser (my dog). All in all, a stellar weekend :)

Here are some snapshots for your Tuesday:

Pinterest Hair Idea

Saw that Pinterest hair idea and fell in love with it. After I got my hair cut on Saturday morning, my hairdresser did a similar updo for me! I have longer hair than the model so mine is a modified style :)

Fun pattern dress for a night out. The back is open with criss-cross straps

Polka dot dress I used as a swimsuit cover up; Bright aqua nails

Bruiser was clearly up to something

Sundress for a Memorial Day BBQ

Bruiser loves taking car rides. 

The weekend comes to a close. Sunday night couch snuggles with Bruiser.

Make it your own:
Pinterest Hair
Colorful dress: Francesca's (Similar, $44)
Polka Dot dress: Target, $24.99
Nails: c/o Avon $6
Blue strapless dress: Francesca's, $48
Yellow and Gray sweater: Gap, $12.99


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, me too! Wish I knew how to french braid my hair! I can do regular braids but nothing fancy like french braids or fishtails.

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! That hairstyle looks hard to do but so cute and I love that dress from Francesca's! Happy Tuesday :)


    1. I did, and I hope yours was lovely as well. I love pretty much everything at Francesca's. I shouldn't be allowed in there without supervision.

  3. Your hair looks AMAZING! The dress you wore on Memorial Day is gorgeous. Where is it from??


    1. Thanks, love! The blue memorial day dress is from Francesca's! Here's the link to it on their site: http://www.francescascollections.com/product/cast+away+dress.do?sortby=ourPicks

  4. Love the gray and yellow sweater, of course! :)

    1. hehe no surprise there. Thanks for making me get it. I'd be so disappointed if I let it go.. I've worn it around the apartment pretty much since I got it. So soft!