Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans at Hunt Cup

This past weekend was Maryland Hunt Cup. For those of who don't live in MD, or for those of you who do but aren't into the horse racing and steeplechasing scene, Hunt Cup is essentially a horse race in a big field. It's a reason for people to get prepped out in pastels, blazers, Sperry topsiders, and Lilly Pulizter. It's a reason for people to gather their cars in a big field, set up tents and tailgates, and spend the afternoon playing corn hole. To boil it down plain and simple for you: Hunt Cup is an afternoon of pomp and circumstance. You can see why this sort of event is right up my alley.

Most years, Hunt Cup happens on a sunny Saturday. This year, the weather gods weren't on our side. It was gloomy, gray, and raining-- but that didn't stop us! Although I didn't don my Lilly sundress (because I didn't want it to get muddy), I was there in the spirit of horse racing and suburban living.

Here are some from my weekend at Hunt Cup.

With my friend Peter and his Vineyard Vines green and pink get up. Loved it.

Ran into some gals I went to middle & high school with in Baltimore!

With my photog friend Joe Sterne!

Pow wow on the grass with Courtney

Bill, the ever-charming Bow Tie Bob, and myself. Bob's seersucker shorts and
yellow blazer made my heart melt.

Hunt Cup attire at its finest. Pastel Blazers. Pants with dogs on them.

Our tailgates have an oyster shucking station. That's how we do it!

Hunt Cup horsies are racing!

I had a blast at Hunt Cup! Tell me, what did you do this past weekend?

<3 GJU


  1. Gorgeous! We have an event like this up in New Jersey but we just called it "The Hunt." It's something like Far Hills Hunt or something like that.


    1. Love these kinds of events. I'm down for any excuse to put on pastels and drink in a field. And watch Horses.

  2. I had no idea this was happening over the weekend! The Annapolis Cup was the same day, and it's a similar theme with everyone prepped out in bowties and pastels. I so wish the weather would have cooperated!

    1. I had seen pics from a friend of mine who went to the Annapolis Cup-- which I'd never even heard of! The weather wasn't great but hey-- That won't stop me.