Friday, April 6, 2012

Vintage & Vino: Event Recap!

Happy Friday!

Today's post is a compilation of photos taken at a fashion tweetup I went to last week. My friend and fellow fashionista Sarah hosted an event called Vintage & Vino. We all got together at a local thrift shop, drank wine, ate cheese, and tried on fabulous vintage fashions. If you live in the Baltimore area, you should definitely check out the store-- it's called Myrtle Dove Vintage.

At the tweetup, Pixilated Photobooth was there capturing all of our outfits, funny faces, and general shopping shenanigans. If you're hosting an event in the future, I highly recommend having Pixilated Photobooth there! Everyone loved hopping in front of the lens. Overall, they just amped up the energy of the party. To see all the photos taken at the event, click here.

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the event.

(click on the pics to make them larger!)

One of the shirts I wanted, but didn't end up taking home. May have to go back.
"I'm bored, and you're appealing."

I obviously didn't get that I was supposed to look straight.

Sarah, party hostess with the mostess, and one of the MDV owners.

I have serious aim issues. Looking now to the other side...

And again.. but I must say I was having a great hair day. That's what matters.

One of the vintage dresses I tried on..

Nick from Pixilated Photobooth. And his dino.

FINALLY! Looking in the right place. Me with Sarah..

Love this one

Nick and other tweetup guests

Sarah with the other owner of MDV
And now for the pics I took-- not as good as those from Pixelated Photobooth but hey..

Myrtle Dove Vintage Owners

These ladies were fabulous.. and they have a jewelry line.
Check it out at Motley.

These two fine gentlemen were also taking photos during the event.
So dapper in their vintage gear...

I ended up getting this tribal print vintage skirt.. it has pockets
which I absolutely love!

Have a great weekend, everyone. If you're Jewish-- Happy Passover! If you're Christian-- Happy Easter! If you're none of the above, happy weekend!

<3 Jess

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