Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Recap!

The Oscars aired Sunday night (as I'm sure most of you know) and per usual, the only thing I really paid attention to/cared about was the Red Carpet.

There were a couple looks that were absolutely spot on perfect.
Some looks were pretty, but were expected and boring safe.
Finally, a handful of choices were... um... poor.

Here are the looks I feel compelled to share my thoughts on (in no particular order):

Sandra Bullock looks stunning in this navy gown. The draping is perfect, and
her side-swept wavy hair is gorgeous.

Penelope Cruz looks like she's going to a college toga party. I think I wore that
outfit once to AEPi.
I love Jennifer Garner, but she's wearing a lampshade from a thrift store. Not to mention,
that color is totally washing her out.

Pretty color, but this dress is way too stiff. Not surprised JLaw fell getting out of her car.

I like the sheer quality to the outer layer of this gown, but the top of
Charlize Theron's gown looks incomplete.

Lupita Nyong'o is Cinderella. Am I right?

More side-swept hair... and this gown with a plunging neckline is
absolutely gorgeous. Kate Hudson nailed it.

Matt and Camila are everything. 

Anne Hathaway stole part of Epcot for this dress. She should give it back.

Channing looks hot (always) and damnit, Jenna Dewan Tatum just popped out
a kid in the past year, didn't she? Not fair. Love the champagne gown!

Another champagne gown on Cate Blanchett and it is DIVINE. She looks so regal!

I love this blue Alexander McQueen on Amy Adams. The color is gorgeous
against her fair skin tone! Hair up and minimal accessories - she let the dress do the talking!

Why was Ashley Wagner at the Oscars? 

I love  a very pregnant Olivia Wilde in a tummy-hugging black gown! Gorg!
And her fiancee Jason Sudekis is also looking sharp in a tailored suit.

Anna Kendrick is my spirit animal, but this dress is absolutely wrong. 

Emma Watson is flawless Perfect gown. Perfect low ponytail. Perfect red lip.

Jared Letto has beautiful ombre hair. Like, it's really pretty. 

Photo Credit: CBS News

Did you watch the Oscars Red Carpet? What was your favorite and least favorite look!?

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  1. Fits just as it is described. I got so many compliments when I wore it out that it was probably one of the best dress purchases I've ever made! And at a fraction of the cost.