Thursday, April 17, 2014

a sunny afternoon

Go home, Maryland. You're weather drunk.

A couple days ago, it was 70 degrees outside and I broke out my first sundress of the season. Then, not even 3 days later: snow and sleet. Riddle me that.

Suffice to say, I took full advantage of the wonderful weather. Enter: new fave sundress, sandals, and sunnies. And in an effort to soak in as much sun as possible (because I had a feeling the first sign of summer would be short-lived), I sat outside on my lunch break to catch some rays.

Full length shot of the dress

Close up of the pattern. One of the panels is a gorgeous sheer lace.

obligatory selfie with fresh bouquet

Want to Get Jessed up?
Mossimo Illusion Maxi Dress: $34.99

Side note--
I love this dress because it reminds me of something I could find at Free People... but I got it at Target! The earthy tones, lightweight panels, and sheer lace are definitely elements I love in my favorite pieces from Free People. However, sadly realistically my budget doesn't exactly allow for that kind of shopping right now. That said, here are some of the dresses I am dreaming of in the meantime:

Intimately Love Me Loves Me Not Maxi, $108

Candela Ami Pieced Lace Maxi, $285

Edie Gurl Maxi, $98

What's your go-to sundress style for summer? 

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