Monday, June 3, 2013

Brand New Baubles

When it comes to necklaces, I've got a serious weakness.

At stores, at the mall, wherever I am.. when I see one that catches my eye, I have to try it on. Inevitably, I like it, so I justify why I need it and what I'd wear it with.

I've recently added a couple new baubles to my collection:

Here's where I got them:
Photo 1: Mineral Red Seed Bead Necklace, LOFT, $39.50; Long Bauble and Fireball Wooden Necklace, LOFT, $39.50 (Primrose Yellow)
Photo 2: Custom Monogram Necklace, South Moon Under, $220 (Takes 8 weeks!)
Photo 3: Long Bauble and Fireball Wooden Necklace, LOFT, $39.50 (Bliss Blue)
Photo 4: Pearls of Love Necklace, Dogeared, $44

How about you... any new necklaces you recently picked up?! Do tell!


  1. So pretty, the color goes everything very well. Love my new sheepskin jacket from, as it is very flattering to the figure, very charming and it seems that this one can last me for many years.