Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Abby Talks Accessories: 4th of July!

My friend Abby knows her accessories. She's a connoisseur of all things fabulous, and this month, she shares her fashion choices for the 4th of July. With the holiday coming up tomorrow, here are Abby's tips on how to be fashionably patriotic!

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday all year. Everyone is in a great mood, there are fireworks, parades, barbeques, and it makes summer feel official. It’s also a fabulous excuse to accessorize. While red, white and blue are the obvious options; the color combination is not always easy to pull off. To refrain from looking tacky, I recommend choosing either red or blue as your staple to accompany the white and then trickle the other color in with a pair of shades, or a bangle. I also encourage you to throw some sparkle in there – The Fourth is all about the sparkles. Did I mention how much I love fireworks?

(As always, sorry for the iPhone pic). With this outfit, I chose blue for the staple color with a sheer white top. To accessorize, I threw in the sparkle heels, a bangle that incorporates red, white and blue and big sparkly studs.

Close up of the sparkly studs:

Some other Fourth of July options to accessorize your simple, sexy holiday outfit could include:

Funky shades

Chunky bangles


Statement necklaces (I ordered this last week and am SO excited for it’s arrival)


Make it your own:
*Sheer Top: Rebecca Taylor $235, find similar options here
*Blue shorts: Target, $18
*Sparkly heels: Guess, $110 (These are from sophomore year in college, but you can find similar options here)
*Red, white and blue bangle: Forever 21, $3 (Again, this is old school, but check out the discount bins at the store while you’re waiting in line, they have some great stuff)
*Big sparkly studs: Recent Kate Spade sample sale, $20 (If you’re interested in receiving sample sale emails from me, let me know)
*Funky shades: Target, $12.99 (In stores now)
*Chunky bangles, Target, $12.99 (In stores now)
*Statement necklace: Stella and Dot, $98  

Happy (almost) Fourth of July. What will you be wearing? Tweet me pics @AbbyDraper

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