Monday, December 8, 2014

Get Jessed Up's Holiday Gift Guide!

Hip, hip hooray!

Somehow, it's already December, and you know what that means: the holidays are upon us! If you're anything like me, you stress to the max about what to get people for the holidays. You want the gift to be thoughtful, represent an inside joke you have with someone, something meaningful, something witty, something perfect.

Fear no more, my gift-giving gals! I've compiled a list of some of my favorite things that would be a perfect gift for any loved one in your life. My gift ideas range in price, so if you're able to splurge or if you're a beauty on a budget, I've got gifts for all of you.

...And one last thing before you see my suggestions. Sometimes gifting things to yourself is just as fun as gifting to others. Just saying.


Just think of all the possible concoctions you could put into a watermelon (or 
a pumpkin, if you're feeling the holiday spirit)! A great gift for the friend who
is impossible to shop for.


If you have a man in your life who has it all, this is the perfect gift!
Your man will receive a sealed crate and his own crowbar for opening it. I
On the inside: bacon everything. Bacon sunflower seeds, bacon popcorn, bacon
jerky, bacon salt... are you seeing how perfect this gift is, yet?


Pillowcase Sets, O Susannah, $39.00

I'm a pillow girl. My couches are covered in pillows, and my bed
is no different. These cute couples' pillows add a little something extra
to your bedroom decor. I love how these cheeky pillowcases show 
off your sense of humor!


Customizable, individual, & snazzy as shit. You'll win best gift-giver of 
the year with these retro-inspired rides! Whether you're running out to grab a coffee, 
running errands, or just want to ride around and explore your 'hood, 
these step-through cycles will help you explore your city in style.

**Stay tuned for more of my love of Pure City Cycles!**


Because making s'mores in the microwave was so last year.


Man jewelry can be tricky. I'm not a huge fan of men blinging
out more than I do... so these are a great, masculine alternative. They're
minimal, colorful, and give off an outdoorsy vibe that I definitely dig. For
the lumbersexual man in your life: wa-la! Gift search complete!


You guys. What needs to be said? DEEP. FRIED. EVERYTHING.
Pickles. Oreos. Fries. Chicken. Brownies. ANYTHING.
Gift this = you're always invited to the party.


The perfect gift for anyone at any age. Everyone listens to music,
so why not give someone the gift of listening in style! 
Let me sum this up:
gold earbuds > any other earbuds.

So, what do you think of those gift ideas? Do tell if you have other perfect present suggestions!

Remember... keep an eye out for my next blog post. It's a Get Jessed Up Giveaway you won't want to miss! 

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