Sunday, August 17, 2014

Working on my Fitness

I figured it's time for an update regarding my new found desire to work out and be more healthy.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm working with a trainer to get myself back on track and hopefully on a path to a healthier lifestyle. My trainer, Tim, has an eclectic approach to training sessions. Some days we do circuits, some days we do mostly weights, and some days are primarily cardio. 

Over the last couple weeks of training, Tim's been able to capture some photos of me working out so that I could share some of the exercises on my blog. Though I used to be an athlete when I was still in school, my body today is nowhere even close to being in the shape it was then. The exercises Tim has me do at the gym are not only accessible for anyone to do (at their own pace), but also they are all exercises that can be done at any strength level (and as you get stronger, you can add on weights, etc.).

Here are some of my favorites:

Walking squats. Any one can do this, and it's a great workout for your legs and tush!

Want to step up your squats? Hold a medicine ball or weights. Don't have weights?
Get creative... bags of groceries, your pet... 

Step Ups. Up with the right, then left. Down with the right, then left. Next, reverse it
by going up first with your left. Do this for a minute and trust me, you'll feel it! Weights
can also be added to this exercise.

If you have a resistance band, loop it around a pole/bench and wa-la! Many exercises in one!
Loop it down and pull up for biceps. Loop it high and pull down for triceps. 

These next videos are exercises that require you to be at the gym, or a facility that has a sled and heavy ropes.

This first video is me pushing a sled with 135 Lbs. on top. Pushing it from the longer/taller end gives me more leverage to push a little faster. In the next video, I am pushing the weight from the lower end which is much more difficult. This exercise works out everything: Arms, core, legs. And the best part is, although it sucks while you're doing it, it's actually kind of fun (I feel like a badass when I'm done).

This last video is of me using the battle ropes. Tim has me whip the ropes in an alternating fashion, producing waves in the ropes. Other exercises including moving the ropes up and down at the same time producing one large wave, doing lunges while moving the ropes, and moving side to side. The battle ropes are great for gaining arm strength, and also for stabilizing the core and strengthening legs. I have a hard time remembering to look up and keep my butt down, but overall, I can definitely see an improvement in how long I can keep the ropes going without giving up.

What exercises do you like to do at home or at the gym? I'd love some suggestions for things to do at home one the days I don't make it in to see Tim!

Until then, keep working it out.


  1. Awesome exercises! I need to try a few of these. Keep up the awesome work girl!


    1. Thanks, Annica! I'm still pretty new at working out/very much out of shape so it's a long process! These exercises are simple enough that I can do them, but effective enough that they're slowly making me stronger. I want to ease into it. If I push it too hard, I'm afraid I'll re-injure myself (I have hip/back issues). Thanks for the support!!

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