Monday, July 14, 2014

crop tops & high waists

I gave in.

At first, I wasn't feeling this look: crop tops and high waisted skirts/bottoms. I thought it was borderline trashy to show your stomach, and mainly I avoided the look because I don't have the smallest figure ideal for this style. But... one day I was wasting time perusing the aisles of Marshall's and after spotting a super cute colorful crop top with a cut out back (double-duty!), I decided to give it a go.

Turns out: it didn't look so bad! What makes it work is that the part of your stomach that's bare is the smallest part. I paired the top with a high waisted skirt that flows over my hips/tummy, accentuating my waist and flattering my curvier curves. I'm a believer now that this style can be flattering on different body types when styled correctly.

Fast-forward two weeks: I've become a little more comfortable with the look and have managed to wear it out and about without being completely self-conscious. At this point, I'd only wear a crop top with a high waisted skirt. Some people pair crop tops with skater skirts (short, flared skirts) or high waisted shorts, but I don't think those options would be as flattering for my body type and shape.

This is the original outfit from Marshall's:

Since I broke the crop top seal, I've picked up a couple other ones to add to my wardrobe... all from the same place, actually.  I randomly stopped into Abercrombie & Fitch (because I had a sneaking suspicion they'd have them) and BOOM. Crop tops everywhere. I haven't shopped there in a while for a couple reasons: 1) Their clothes are cut way too small for me and 2) I kind of outgrew the California dreamin' graphic tee phase. However, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. Lots of feminine, pretty lace tops and floral pieces perfect for summer style.

Here are the three tops I snagged that day:

Rylie Crop Top, A&F, Similar Style, $38
Don't have a full body pic, but I wore this top with this floral maxi skirt.

Natasha Crop Top, A&E, $28
Natasha Crop Top, A&F, $28
Wore this one on the 4th of July with the white skirt from Marshall's and a red striped scarf

As the summer days get warmer, I am excited to try out new variations of this look. Here is some of my current inspiration...

Friend In Fashion

Bedazzles After Dark

Vanessa Hudgens, E! Online

Lupita Nyong'o,

Kaley Cuoco, Reveal

Free People

Is this something you'd try? Do you have a favorite crop top and high waist look for summer? Do share, please!

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