Monday, May 19, 2014

Poshed Up for Preakness

"Crab cakes and football. That's what Maryland does!"

That's one of my favorite quotes from "Wedding Crashers"... and it happens to be true! (here's a clip. great scene!) But I have to add one little thing that Maryland does: Horse racing.

Preakness, in particular.

When California Chrome won the Kentucky Derby, the stakes were high and the crowds were hopeful for another victory.

Aside from the racing, betting, and outdoor debauchery that ensues from copious amounts of day drinking, Preakness is an event that calls for pomp and circumstance. Women are donned in fancy dresses and big hats. Men are spruced up in suits, bow-ties, and all things seer sucker. It's a bountiful bevy of pastels and boat shoes, which I for one, thoroughly enjoy.

[[ Sound familiar? Perhaps it's because last year I wrote a post on Preakness 2013. You can check it out here :) ]]

Here are some of the pics I took at Preakness this past weekend:

Selfie on the way to the races

Another, because... because.

My hat for the day!

Some friends we made on the infield
Some friends we made inside

We really liked his pants

Blue and yellow

Mallory was my date for the day :)

Racing right in front of us!

Setting up for the Preakness

Our seats were so close to the starting gates!

Everyone was ready for the final race!

Want to Get Jessed Up?
Dress: Jessica Simpson, Nordstrom, $98
Wedges: Target, Similar $29.99
Sandals: Jack Rogers. $110
Hat: Walmart (Came in a pack of two for $7-- such a steal!) Similar, $8

Beautiful weather and good friends made for a wonderful weekend! How was yours?!

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