Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Emmys 2012 Fashion Review

It's that time of the year again, folks. 

You know I love award season. It brings out celebrity's inner fashionistas.. and we get to see their style come to life on the red carpet. We also get to see it die a long, miserable death when they pick a complete dud of a dress. Let's get started.

Note: These opinions and reviews are my own. You are welcome to agree or disagree (or not give a damn either way). The best part about fashion is that we can all have different opinions... but mine are always right :) 

Here are some of the trends I noticed throughout the evening:

Not So Mellow Yellow

I don't love this-- it's kind of plain for an award show, but Julianne looks beautiful as always.

A pregnant Claire Danes glows in this gold, blousy number.

Taking it to more neon end of the spectrum.. I don't dislike.

Loving the pop of color in the earrings. And she's married to Judd Apatow- major brownie points.

One strap paired with a high slit and a little bit of boob overflow make for a fun Emmy ensemble.


Her hair's a hot mess and the shoes aren't my favorite but the gown intrigues me.

Pretty in Pastel

Godbless Heidi Klum. When I'm a mom, I'd like to look like this.

In my book, ZD can do no wrong. This light blue gown is gorgeous
and effortless against her porcelain skin!

This isn't good. Julianne has a great body, but there's too much going on IMO. Attention on the boobs,
corseted waist, mermaid fit, embellishment on the bottom, a train, pleats... 

Heavy Metal

Lucy Liu looks pretty, but she also looks like she has a stick up her you know what.
How does she move in that stiff silhouette?

The matching blue strappy shoes are a bad call. I think if Nicole had worn her hair
up in a more editorial style, this look could have been saved.

A metal mini? Not my fave but damnnnn girl! Hot stems.

Then there were the trends I noticed that I wish I hadn't.

Prime Time Prom

I don't actually have a comment for this one. It's that awful.

With the hip embellishment and half up/half down hairstyle, she's ready to go to junior prom.

Mother of the Bride.

Drab and more drab. The most boring prom dress ever.

Table Cloth and Too Much Tulle

Black floral table cloth.

Green floral table cloth.

Too much black tulle. 

Too much white tulle.

Table cloth ripped apart, with not enough tulle. Yuck.

I need to lift my spirits. Let's get back to some of the night's better looks.

Nothing but the Hits

Opulent color, perfect fit for her body, hair off the shoulders. Tina killed this look!

Simple in burnt sienna. Kat looks like a Greek goddess.

Kelly Osbourne has come such a long way. She looks stunning in this Zac Posen purple gown.

Let's have a threesome. For serious.

So.. who was your best and worst dressed of the night? Did you notice any other trends to sweep the red carpet?

Looking forward to your opinions!

**All photos from Huffington Post

Until next time, remember to GJU :)

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  1. Loved Kat in the burnt sienna! Simple and Stunning...also loved Guiliana's white dress!