Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Natural Beauty Routine

I get a lot of questions about my daily makeup routine, so today I'm going to share with you some of my new favorite daily products by Mark from Avon.

If you read my blog, you can probably tell the makeup I use is very minimal. I'll do a pop of color on the lip, but in terms of complexion and eye shadow, I tend to stay in the neutral, more natural shades and tones.  What I love about these Mark products is that they don't over power my natural look-- they simply enhance. In fact, that's how I feel makeup should always be-- it should enhance, not alter the way you look.

Tinted makeup" Almay "Smart Shade" liquid makeup in Light/Medium, $13.49
Eye Shadow: c/o Mark "On the Dot" neutral eye color compact, $16
Mascara: c/o Mark "Lash All You Want" mascara, $10
Lips: c/o Mark "Gloss Gorgeous" lip stain in Pop Splendide, $11

In this picture, all I have on is a tinted moisturizer as a base. Using a moisturizer before applying makeup does a few things: prevents dryness, helps create a unified base color for the makeup, provides a layer of SPF protection (depending on the brand you use), and helps seal the makeup so it lasts longer throughout the day. I wanted to show you guys a complete before and after shot.

I first apply a light golden shade of eye shadow on the entire lid. Then, to add some contrast, I take a slightly darker shade and place it on the outer corners of my lid.

The lighter shade I used it the bottom row, far right.
The darker shade is the bottom row, middle.

Next, I take mascara an apply both on the top and bottom of the lash. This allows the lash to really stand out. In the photo below, you can see that just one coat of the Mark "Lash All You Want" mascara on the right eye made a huge difference!

Mascara on both lashes...

Finally, apply a bright shade of lip stain to finish the look. I prefer lip stains and lip glosses to lipsticks because they tend to last longer throughout the day. 

Before & After:

What I love about this morning make up routine is that it takes little to no time, and very little effort. Between getting ready for work, setting aside time for breakfast, and taking care of my dog, I have limited extra time in the morning to put on makeup. These products speak for themselves and make it so easy and quick to apply and get started with your day. 

I believe that with make up, especially during the day, less is more! Hopefully this post shows you that it doesn't take much (only three products!) to spruce up your look and enhance your natural beauty.

Tank: American Apparel, Rib U-Neck Tank, $22
Necklace: c/o Mark "Decked Out Necklace" , $28

So, what's your daily makeup routine?



  1. Love the tinted base. I dug some of it out of my makeup bag recently. Also good is the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I work at home, so I'll admit that there are days I just use mascara and lip gloss. Love the eye shadows!

    1. I used to always borrow my friend's Laura Mercier lipgloss, but have never owned anything from her collection. I should look into it! There's nothing wrong with wearing no make at all, or just some mascara/lipgloss!