Monday, March 26, 2012

My Monthly Wish List

Hi everyone-- hope you had a good weekend! I had a pretty relaxing weekend.. until Syracuse lost to Ohio. Once that happened, my internal calm turned to chaos. But that's neither here nor there..

I went to the mall this weekend which was wonderful as always. Now that I'm in a new apartment, I've sharpened my already keen skills of window shopping. While there, I snapped some pics of clothing and accessories that I'd like to add to my wardrobe. This weekend was great timing for shopping because stores had all their new Spring lines out up front. It was eye candy for fashionistas.

Here's my wish list:

J. Crew was killin' it. 

I live for these two polka dot looks. Navy and green are right on trend for spring, and the polka dots and statement necklaces are a perfect pairing.

I also love this duo. The menswear inspired look on the left is totally up my alley. I think white pants and blazers are super chic, and a perfect way to stay within a business casual dress code during the warmer months. The blue dress on the right reminds me of something Joan (Christina Hendricks' character) would wear on Mad Men. 

(see.. kinda looks like a Joan dress...)

Sexy, sultry, seductive. Christina Hendricks is too hot for her own good.

Madewell was all about stripes for spring. I really love that blue and white striped number on the left. Paired with a menswear inspired chambray top-- it's a perfect Casual Sunday look.

I had a difficult time leaving Anthropologie without buying anything. It took serious concentration and will power. 

This skirt was a tough one to pass up. I love the mixed colors and textures. 

Ann Taylor was going full speed in neons. I took a shot of the whole corner of the store because I couldn't chose just one thing to narrow in on. I think everyone should have at least 2 different neon pieces to integrate into outfits. I especially like pairing neons with whites, as shown in the floor display.

Alas, I had a few moments of weakness this weekend. No one's perfect.

Two items on my wish list had to happen for the simple reason that they had to happen. You understand, I'm sure.

These ankle crop pants from Talbots called my name the second I walked into the store. They are so versatile. You can wear with any shoe: flats, sandals, and even heels to dress them up. They're such a fun print (almost a condensed paisley pattern) that I couldn't turn them down. Plus-- they were on sale. I can't say no to a sale.

Print up close.

Oh, Target. You know me way too well. You tempt me with platform strappy sandals at an affordable price like no one else.These shoes caught my eye and at that point, all hope of keeping my wallet in my bag was over. Into my cart they went. They're a soft, suede material, and even more of a vibrant blue/aqua color in person. They also came in royal blue-- amazing.

Shoes.. among other necessities like Ziploc bags, cotton pads, and Jergens lotion.

Tell me.. do you like/have any of these things? What's on your wish list this month?

<3 GJU


  1. Oh my goodness, saw those shoes at Target too. Good thing I'm broke.

    1. Yeh.. I am also but for under $30 I couldn't resist!

  2. Those Target shoes might have to jump in my shopping cart too. Fabulous!

    1. They're so great, and under $30 which is awesome. It's a good thing the royal blue didn't come in my size while I was there.. I may or may not have walked away with 2 pairs, same shoe, different colors. Can't say I've never done that before...