Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pretty Little Midi

Midi rings are taking over. Well, they're taking over fashion blogs and Pinterest... and for me, that qualifies taking over.

The philosophy behind midi rings, if you will: why ignore the rest of your finger's joints? Beautifying the whole hand > beautifying only the top portion of your ring finger. It's about layering, and mixing/matching.

The midi ring can be done in many ways. Top three, from my observation:
1) Mix and match shapes/sizes of rings
2) Mix and match metals
3) Spell out a word

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Mix and match shapes/sizes

Mix and match metals

Say something

I like this combo

Photos- Pinterest: Midi Rings

This past weekend, I picked up two of these midi finger rings to try it out. I definitely like how they look, but I will say they took some getting used to. I kept feeling like they were going to fall off throughout the day.

Wings and Heart Midi Rings, $7, Poppy and Stella

For now, I'm starting with two. I'll play around with them and try them out on different fingers to see what I like best. Once I'm more comfortable with how they feel, I'd like to try adding on some more and see how it looks!

Is this something you would try? Would love to see any cool combo's you've come up with :)

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