Monday, June 18, 2012

Double Take

Wellllll hello. Hope you all had a great weekend! It was perfect weather in Baltimore over the weekend, so I was able to catch up on some much needed time outside.

Beautiful weather calls for effortless sundresses. Here are the two dresses I wore on Friday and Saturday:

Notice anything about them? They're actually the same Target sundress, just in different colors! The dress came in 5 or 6 different patterns/color choices. When I tried it on, I loved the fit (and was in my price range) so I ended up grabbing two. (I tend to do that often, actually. If something fits well, I jump on it.)

There's multiple reasons why I love this dress. The vibrant colors. The sweetheart corset top. The exposed zipper back. The double pockets. The soft cotton/linen blend fabric. The length (it goes right to the knee, so it's a flattering cut/fit on most body types).

So--- If you're in the market for a new sundress to add to your collection, I highly recommend picking up one of these from Target. 

Make it your own:
Dress 1, $24.99
Dress 2, $24.99

So tell me, what did you wear to your weekend BBQs?

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